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Biweekly CSA Adventure Seafood Supplement

Pick up a rotation of fresh, interesting seafood with your oysters each week! ONLY AVAILABLE WITH THE BIWEEKLY OYSTER CSA PLAN

A seafood supplement for adventurous eaters and chefs, featuring seafood that may require more significant prep work than the ready-to-cook ingredients in our standard seafood supplement.

The seafood provided in this supplement may require purging (e.g. Surf Clams) in salt-water brine, or may require being broken down before preparing (e.g. whole steelhead trout). We hope to use this supplement to provide seasonal, fresh seafood that may require some prep work, but is still comfortable to work with enough for a mid-week meal. We will provide recipes each week as well.

Quantities vary with seasonal pricing and availability. Examples include unagi filets, trays of uni, whole steelhead trout, surf clams, Peconic escargot or escargot caviar, and diver scallops.

$30/pickup, 4 pickups total.


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