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About Us

In 2020, after a decade of band life and bartending, COVID-19 forced our founder, Aaron Waldman, to find a new path in life.  He left NYC for cheaper rent in his home state of Maine, and in his copious free time, the culinary passion he'd beaten out of himself in the restaurant industry began to re-emerge.  His ingredient of choice? One of the planet's most sustainable, nutritious, and delicious crops: The Maine Oyster.

What began as a shellfish wholesale endeavor inspired by Littleneck Brooklyn has now morphed into a mixed bag of oyster-operations with the shared mission of connecting Northeaster Oyster Farms with New York Restaurants and oyster lovers. We now run an  oyster CSA, several pop-ups around NYC, and our own small farm in mid-coast Maine which should have a few samples ready by Fall of 2022!

Sustainability is one of our top priorities. Unlike many farmed species, oysters are grown in coastal water (not offsite farms) and feed off microorganisms that are already naturally present in their environment. Oysters remove carbon and nitrogen from the water and filter up to 50 gallons of water each day. 

We're excited to share this delicious, nutritious and sustainable superfood with you!

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